Moving pictures

I’ve had the fortune to feature in a couple of videos recently. The first was for one of the “Countdown to COP26” videos that the School of Biological Sciences here at Aberdeen made to build up to the COP26 meeting in Glasgow

I talk about what I do at the department, how my work links to COP26, and what I hope to see out of the meeting.

The second video was part of the seminar series “Long Term Animal Research”. First up André Ferreira talked about the recognition of individual from video footage using computer vision, and then I gave a talk on “Social Networks in Anti Social Animals”, where I talked about my previous work on social networks in field crickets and social interactions in North American red squirrels.

I can’t embed the video but follow the link to YouTube to check it out. Everything I talked about is published and those papers are linked to on the EEL Publications page.

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