Welcome to the Evolutionary Ethology Lab! We study the unique role behaviour plays in evolutionary and ecological processes, with a primary focus on social interactions. See the Research page for more details. Current and past lab members are listed on the People and Contact page, where you can also find contact details if you would like a copy of any publications, to ask us about any aspect of our research, or to explore opportunities to join the lab or collaborate.

Network change & selection diag

EEL is lead by me, David Fisher, a biologist at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. Previously, I worked at McMaster University, looking at the heritability and evolution of group traits in social spiders, and at the University of Guelph, studying North American red squirrels in the Yukon. I completed my PhD at the University of Exeter, and my Masters at the University of Liverpool. Check out the Publications page to see what I’ve found.

I enjoy the opportunity to write about things other than science, such as sport, or myths from field work. I’ve grouped those posts on the Creative Writing page.

Occasionally I blog about the scientific process or some aspect of academia. Those posts are on the Science Blog page.

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