People and Contact

David Fisher

The Evolutionary Ethology Lab‘s principal investigator is David Fisher. David is a Lecturer at the University of Aberdeen. He likes messing around with quantitative genetics and social network analysis, and mostly studies invertebrates. David completed his BSc and MRes at the University of Liverpool, and his PhD at the University of Exeter.

You can email David at and he is on Twitter using @DFofFreedom

Callum McLean

Callum is a post-doctoral Research Assistant, working on NERC-funded projects to understand the evolution and plasticity of social network traits, and how we can automate the recording of social interactions. You can see his publications on Google Scholar and ResearchGate.

Jake Hill

Jake is a PhD student looking at “Harnessing the power of plant social interactions to breed better rice” as part of the Anthony and Margaret Johnston Centre for Doctoral Training in Plant Sciences

Hamish Williams

For his PhD as part of the SUPER DTP Hamish is looking at “Oil Change: Adaptation and plasticity of anemones in response to hydrocarbon pollution and climate stress”. Hamish is on Twitter @HamishGWilliams and his website is here.

Lewis Lamond

Lewis is working on the project “The eyes have it: Testing gaze sensitivity in birds” as part of his MSci in Biological Sciences at the University of Aberdeen. Lewis is on Twitter @LewisLamond99

Fabiana Franco

Fabiana is studying for an MSci in Biological Sciences, and is carrying out her project “Does the methylation profile of cloned individuals diverge over time?” on the anemone Actinia equina with EEL.

Previous members

Joe Jenkinson

For his Honours project Joe worked on “The four Rs: Remove, Reduce, Refine, and ‘roaches” as part of his BSc in Zoology.

Rebecca Wilkie

Becca’s project with EEL was “Does the behaviour of cloned individuals diverge over time?” with the anemone Actinia equina. She is currently studying for a BSc in Animal Behaviour and Welfare.

Josie Charlesworth

As part of her BSc in Marine Biology Josie explored “How the social organisation of dolphins changes with fish abundance” for her honours project with EEL. Josie is on Twitter @JosieCharlesw

Courtney Molloy

Courtney did her Honours project “Understanding how variation in climate means, variability, and extreme effects bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) social networks” with EEL, while studying Marine Biology at the University of Aberdeen.

Ross Brannan

Ross studied for a BSc in Animal Behaviour at the University of Aberdeen. He worked with Blaptica dubia on the project “The importance of social interactions for growth in a cockroach”

Naomi Hazlerigg

Naomi completed her honours project “Maybe Old Habits Don’t Die that Hard: An Investigation of Age and Web Structure Consistency of an Orb-Weaving Spider” with EEL. Naomi studyied Zoology at the University of Aberdeen.


Manon Gadrat

Manon studied Zoology at the University of Aberdeen and carried out her honours project with EEL, titled: “The Pace of Life Syndrome Hypothesis: A Study of Life Histories and Behavioural Traits in Colonies of the Social Spider Anelosimus eximius