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David Fisher

David Fisher

The Evolutionary Ethology Lab‘s principal investigator is David Fisher. David is a Research Fellow at the University of Aberdeen. He likes messing around with quantitative genetics and social network analysis, and mostly studies invertebrates. David completed his BSc and MRes at the University of Liverpool, and his PhD at the University of Exeter.

You can email David at

David is on Twitter using @DFofFreedom

Ross Brannan

Ross is currently studying for a BSc in Animal Behaviour at the University of Aberdeen. He is working with Blaptica dubia on the project “The importance of social interactions for growth in a cockroach”

Lewis Lamond

Lewis is working on the project “The eyes have it: Testing gaze sensitivity in birds” as part of his MSci in Biological Sciences at the University of Aberdeen

Previous members

Naomi Hazlerigg

Naomi completed her honours project “Maybe Old Habits Don’t Die that Hard: An Investigation of Age and Web Structure Consistency of an Orb-Weaving Spider” with EEL. Naomi is studying Zoology at the University of Aberdeen.


Manon Gadrat

Manon is at the University of Aberdeen, studying Zoology, and carried out her honours project with EEL, titled: “The Pace of Life Syndrome Hypothesis: A Study of Life Histories and Behavioural Traits in Colonies of the Social Spider Anelosimus eximius