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David Fisher

David Fisher

The Evolutionary Ethology Lab‘s principal investigator is David Fisher. David is a Research Fellow at the University of Aberdeen. He likes messing around with quantitative genetics and social network analysis, and mostly studies invertebrates. David completed his BSc and MRes at the University of Liverpool, and his PhD at the University of Exeter.

You can email David at

David is on Twitter using @DFofFreedom


Naomi Hazlerigg

Naomi is a honours project student in EEL. Her project is “Silky skills: do older spiders get more consistent at building their webs?”. Naomi is studying Zoology at the University of Aberdeen.

Manon Gadrat

Manon is working on her honour’s project “Social spider syndromes: Do some colonies live fast and die young?” with EEL. She is at the University of Aberdeen, studying Zoology.


Join EEL! We are currently advertising a PhD project looking at the diversity of social networks across the tree of life. The project would involve downloading open-access data on animal social networks, and analysing them to determine whether related species have more similar social networks, what traits of a species or the environment they live in influences their social network, and more! Please see the link for further details.

Note that this is designed to be a distance learning PhD for self funded PhD students. We hope to be advertising funded PhD projects in the near future, but for now please only get in touch if you have funding or the ability to apply for funding from an another source.