Virtual seminar at Bielefeld University

Recently, I was invited by my good friend, and ace ecologist, Dr. Sarah Paul to give a virtual seminar for Bielefeld University. This was part of the NC³ (Niche Choice, Niche Conformance, Niche Construction) seminar series “Individualisation in Behaviour, Ecology and Evolution”

It was lovely to be invited, and I really enjoyed talking about my research to such a knowledgeable group, which was clearly reflected in the breadth and depth of questions I received after.

For the next two weeks a video recording of my talk is available at this link, feel free to check it out and hear something about crickets, squirrels, and social spiders.

Yes I know, maybe a shirt and jacket weren’t necessary, but given we can still barely leave the house it was nice to have the opportunity to dress smartly for a change.

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